How important is a consistent posting schedule to you as a blog reader?

Saturday schedule grid at BarCampLondon 5

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This is one of those posts where, instead of giving you blogging advice, I’m asking for it.

When I first started The Whine Seller, I just posted things whenever I finished them, willy nilly. Then the blog really started to pick up steam and I started trying to blog every single day. It was just too hard and I was getting burned out. This is, after all, one of 5 blogs I write for and one of two where I’m the sole author… not to mention that I have a company to run.   Continue Reading »

It’s been a year. Do you miss the eBay Trading Assistant program?

One of those Ebay drop-off places

One of those Ebay drop-off places (Photo credit: Steve Bowbrick)

eBay announced that it was cancelling its official Trading Assistance program on August 13th, 2013. I got the news when I returned home from… no kidding… picking up a huge shipment of items from a brand new eBay Trading Assistant client. It was surreal. There was eBay telling me that Trading Assistance wasn’t worth their time while my TA business was booming as much as ever. Continue Reading »

The frustration of waiting on other people to do their part when you’ve already finished yours

Right Here Waiting

Richard Marx feels my pain. (Right Here Waiting album cover, Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there anything more annoying than having done your part and then waiting around endlessly for someone else to do theirs?

I finished the final run through of my new TA book and emailed it to my editor on July 2nd. I was supposed get the final edits back in a week to proof and then we’d be ready to go. This would have been a fast turn around but I was assured it would be done. Just in case, I built in a month anyway. As long as it was back to me by the end of July, I would still be where I needed to be to get it out in time. Continue Reading »

How can you tell if you have it all? Is it something you can measure?

Measuring time

Measuring time (Photo credit: aussiegal)

Is there a way, using math or science, to measure whether you “have it all,” as they say? Is it quantifiable?

I mentioned back in this post, Having it all: finding a balance between work and life no matter your gender, that I don’t put a lot of stock in the (almost always sexist) concept of having it all. I also don’t really believe that how much money you have a good indicator of how well you’re doing. (See: Is money the best way to keep score in the game of life?) But I thought it might be an interesting experiment to consider whether it’s possible to measure whether you, indeed, have it all.  Continue Reading »


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