How to make some extra money from old school work

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Homework. It’s the worst, right? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When it comes to opportunities for making some extra money, usually I’d tell you to do your homework but, in this case, you’ve already done it. Everyone could use some more cash especially new graduates or anyone just trying to hold out until they get a new job. There’s a lot of ways to make money online these days but wouldn’t it be great to have one that was as little work as possible?

You probably have old school papers moldering away on random flash drives, in boxes at your parent’s house, or just sitting on your hard drive. Book reports, personal essays, term, research, and thesis paper, etc are all options for a little extra income. After all, you already did the work, so why not reap the benefits?

There’s lots of ways to earn income from old school work but here’s the four best ones:

  • Sell them to other students. There are hundreds of sites out there that sell terms papers and they get those terms papers from people like you who sell them their old ones. These sites can pay either per paper or based on a percentage of the final sale price and usually sell for $10 or more. A quick Google search for buy term papers or essays leaves you with hundreds of options to choose from. Just upload your paper and you are done without any extra work. It’s a booming business and can be a great money making opportunity for you. That said, for some, it’s ethically questionable because they sell these term papers to students in high school, college and grad students so, in a way, you’re helping those students cheat.
  • Re-purpose them as articles and sell them to publications online and off. While this won’t work for every paper, many research papers would make a good standalone article with just a little tweaking. Find a publication (from magazines to news websites that do features) that covers similar topics to what you paper was on and pitch it to them as an article. Term papers from the sciences are the easiest to repackage like this but you’ll find a wide variety of niche publications one of which may be perfect for that old project from any subject. There is even a market for personal essays (think How I Spent My Summer Vacation type life stories) if they are good enough. While this will take more work than just uploading it as is to a site that sells school work, you’ll probably get much more money for it and it will be a credit for your portfolio that will serve you in the future.
  • Self-publish them as shorts or compiled into a book. Someplace like Amazon Shorts welcomes essay length projects and other short work but, if you’ve got multiple papers on related content, you could easily compile them together into a full length book. It may involve some rewriting on your part to make your old work sound like a timely eBook but you can set your price and all the terms of the sale yourself.
  • Use them as blog posts. Even if you can’t find any way to sell your old school work, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have value. Even things like old book reports can make great blog posts. Stockpile them for the weeks when you don’t have a new post to go up and that’s just more content to bring people into your blog and to help your SEO. And if your school work has nothing whatsoever to do with your blog’s topic so you don’t want to post it on your site, start finding blogs that would fit and offer them as free guest posts with credit. When that other blog publishes it, you’ll get a link back which will help with traffic and SEO for your website.

What are you waiting for? You’ve already done most of the work and you’ve got potential cash just sitting around that you’d probably forgotten about. Start digging through your old work and see what you can start making work for you before the dog eats it!

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Announcing my new Trading Assistant book coming this fall: Sell Their Stuff! (Plus: cover reveal!)

I’ve teased. I’ve whined. I’ve been talking about the follow-up to my eBay consignment book, The Trading Assistant’s Assistant, for such a long time now that I can hardly believe the day has finally come when I can reveal the result of all that work.

When eBay cancelled the TA program, I knew the book formerly known as The Trading Assistant’s Assistant (Second Edition) was going to need a complete overhaul, starting with the title. I’d already rewritten the book once and it’d been a little over a year of rewrites on this time alone (Long story short, eBay kept changing things before I could get my new edition out resulting in my having to keep writing the book over and over. Short story long, see here). I started out trying to just remove mentions of eBay’s program and ended up writing the entire book over again from scratch. The work consumed my already busy life. I spent most of the process furious at eBay for putting me in this position and forcing me to rewrite the whole thing yet again.

I realize now, however, that the end of the TA program was a good thing for my consignment business… and especially for this book. It’s better, not just for having been rewritten an extra time, but also because now it’s about selling for others on consignment across multiple channels instead of just on eBay. It appeals to a much wider audience and, most importantly, it’s as close to future proof as I could make it so it will never become obsolete and need to be rewritten again. (I hope.)

It’s called…

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The Blogger’s Dilemma: It’s much harder to write short than long.

Fig. 76. A short and a tall boy each holding a...

Sometimes I just pick the first picture that kind of works for the post and go to bed, you know? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I like big posts and I cannot lie…”

Any writer worth her salt knows it’s much harder to write short than it is long. I could write you a 1,000 word ramble in half the time it would take me to write you a nice, tight 250 word post. When you’ve got length on your side, you can get sloppy with words and take your time getting to your point but, when you’ve only got a small space to deliver your message, you’re going to have to work harder to make the most out of every word you can fit.

The experts say the ideal blog posts are between 250 to 500 words long. Ain’t no one got time for that. How can you possibly bang out enough blog posts to fill a blog all year/week/month if you have to take your time and watch your words like that? I’ll spend hours on 250 words for an article submission but for a blog post? Nah. Continue Reading »

The Whine Seller is open during construction

Under construction

Under construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently redesigned my main webiste. There were many very good reasons why I needed to that I outlined here, and surprisingly few of them cosmetic, so that the overhaul was well overdue. I’d love if you popped over to check it out.

Now here’s the bad news: nearly every single issue I had with that site I also have over here. The few readers I’ve mentioned this too to all had the same response which was that they liked how The Whine Seller looks now so why change it? And I like how it looks too… I just don’t like how it works on the back end and how inflexible it is in an increasingly mobile world so I’ve got to redo it as well. This change is much more on a software level than it is about look.

I’m taking the time to tell you about this instead of just revealing the new site with a flourish once it’s done because my erratic schedule and limited working hours mean that I’ll be doing this site redesign just like I did the other one… in stolen moments here and there.

Literally, it means that I’ll be activating the new theme while I have a chance to work on it and then putting everything back to the old theme once I’m done for the day. For you, the readers, it mostly means this: The site may look funky, broken or otherwise totally different from moment to moment and this is me telling you NOT TO PANIC. It’s not you, your computer or spyware… it’s just me having to do this big job in little bits and pieces as my schedule allows. Hopefully most of my work will happen in the dead of night when no one is visiting but, when you’ve got a toddler who gets up before 5 AM every day, “dead of night” can sometimes mean 8 PM from an exhaustion standpoint.

I appreciate your patience while I get this working and I promise you that the finished product will be well worth the trouble as it will be faster, more portable (mobile, yay!) and just all around easier to read.


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