“Look at this normal photo I took!” In which I go No Filter on this #nofilter nonsense

I take it back. THIS is a welcome home sunset ...

A #nofilter sun set. OR IS IT??? (Photo credit: foreverdigital)

I have a social media pet peeve.

Whenever people share photos online they always specify when there is no filter used with the hashtag #nofliter. And, I get it. So many people use filters to distort their photos that, when you actually do take a good picture, you want to point out that it’s good so you call attention to the fact that it has no filter. Everyone does it so it’s probably never occurred to you to stop and think about how weird it is. Continue Reading »

I know how to blog a book as I write it. I just can’t actually do it.

At long last, the new edition of the book formerly known as The Trading Assistant’s Assistant is finished. I just handed it into my editor and the plan is to have it available as soon as is humanly possible. I’ll be doing an official cover reveal and an announcement of the new title in the coming weeks and I’ll let you know when pre-orders start.

My original plan, as I outlined in that blog post above, was to blog the book as a rewrote it and I did post many sections as posts for a while before I realized that my brain just doesn’t work like that. I know exactly how to blog a book. I know why to blog a book. I just can’t actually do it because of how I write, big picture style. Continue Reading »

I’ll be on eBay Radio today, July 7th, at 12:15 PST / 3:15 EST

La radio

Not this kind of radio (Photo credit: mariateresa toledo)

eBay Radio asked me to come on the show today to do an interview about this blog post: Take stock, course correct & acknowledge the moment on this, the exact middle of the year

Visit the eBay Radio website for details on how to listen live or to download the replay after the original airing.

I’m helping them fill a last minute hole in the schedule but this is going to be the first appearance I’ve done on the show where I don’t have a toddler wrangler to play with my daughter while I do my interview so I’m actually dreading it because, while she is the best little girl ever, she’s sick and toddlers, particularly sick toddlers, are just one big variable. So hopefully it will go fine and all my worry is for no reason but there’s a fair chance I’ll be like “…and you can improve your eBay business by– OH MY GOD, NO! NOT THE TOILET!”

Anyway, listen in. It will either be interesting or “interesting.” ;-)

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Take stock, course correct & acknowledge the moment on this, the exact middle of the year

Today, July 2nd, is the exact middle of the year. I’ve blogged about it before (see: Mid-year performance review: Giving yourself (& your business) a middle of the year check-up) but I think it’s always worth taking a moment to note the halfway point of the year especially since it almost always doesn’t feel like the midpoint at all.

If you’re having a really awful year, you may be sitting there lamenting that we’re only halfway through it. If you’re year’s been busy like mine, you’re amazed that we’re already halfway through 2014. You just can’t trust you gut when it comes to time and sometimes you need a date to jump up from the calendar like this and wave at you.

I like to take a moment to acknowledge the middle of the year and here’s just a few reasons why: Continue Reading »


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