I just wanted to write a short little post to say something. I freely admit it. I have been just as negative as the next guy. But while I am still annoyed at a lot of the changes eBay made, I have changed my perspective.

Yesterday, my husband and I got into a heated discussion as to whether sellers should be allowed to leave negative feedback. Believe it or not, I was on the side that they shouldn’t. Insane, I know.

I will save my reasons why for another time but I realized something the other day.

My eBay business is doing fine. I may not love the changes but, so far they are benefiting me and I am getting just as good an eBay experience as before. And, as an added plus, by jumping through eBay’s various hoops, I am able to get at least a partial discount most of the time and more exposure than other people.

My buyers are happy. I am happy. Maybe it’s time I stopped complaining and just focused on my business. Everything else is smoke, mirrors and a waste of time.

This isn’t a promise that I’m not going to complain in the future. But no matter what people say in the heat of anger, eBay is still doing just fine and will be doing fine for a long time yet.

But hey, if you other guys want to close your stores or other crazy measures, be my guest! More sales and market share for me. 🙂