Yeah, I’m not going to tell you how to do that. But apparently this guy is!

I was surfing around Amazon earlier and came across this book.

If you are confused how this description mentions Amazon Prime in a blog post from 2008, that’s because I only added this screenshot in 2019.

And I have a time machine.

Here is the description:

There are hundreds of ‘how to’ eBay books out there, but none like this one! Never before has anyone dared to tell the TRUTH! Fraud, blackmail,aggressive traders and deliberate attempts to con traders out of products and money seems to be the order of the day. This book will show you that if you can suspend your moral values for just a few days you can make a fortune on eBay! Real life cases studies are offered about eBayers who blatantly do not understand the laws of copyright, trademarks or more disturbingly the moral rights of others. Learn how to buy just about anything – and get your money back! –The Great Big EBay Con

Using the Search Inside the Book feature I took a little look at this book and essentially it seems to have been (poorly) written by a disgruntled eBay seller who, frustrated with buyers scamming him, decided to teach other people how to scam. . . ? I’m not sure I follow the logic. But the book seems to mainly discuss ways to manipulate sellers and PayPal charge backs to get your money back on everything you purchase. There are no reviews so its anyone’s guess as to whether his ideas work or if he is just ranting.

Not having read this book, I’m not sure if I should be annoyed or not, but, if the book really teaches what it claims, how is such a book allowed to exist? Are there books out there on how to do other illegal things? This is a world I didn’t know existed.

I want to report him to someone for. . . something. Grr!

Now, not to get all therapist on you but, how does this make you feel?