How bad a Twitter sinner are you?

Everyone has their own pet peeves that will cause them to unfollow or, worse, block you on Twitter but here are what I consider the 7 deadliest sins you can commit on Twitter.


You follow everyone on Twitter and then offer everyone cheap Viagra, Tokyo Brides or barely legal co-eds. You are a spambot and you are the most hated in all of Twitter.


You follow hundreds of people a day and ask them all to follow you back. You aren’t fooling anyone. You cannot possibly be reading the updates of that many people at once, especially if you are brand new to the site. You are just stuffing your followers list with as many people as possible regardless of who they are hoping most of them with follow you back. Just as important as your followers on Twitter is who you follow so be choosy. A few high quality followers are worth thousands of bots and time wasters.

You also post way too often. You send out hundreds of messages a day. In my book, that is no better than spam and it makes you too much work to follow.


Buy my stuff! Digg my blog post! Vote for me in this contest! You are needy and greedy and you want all the attention for yourself. If you are a valuable additional to the discussion and community, people will give your content its due on its own merits, not because you demanded it. Stop being so greedy with the favors!


You signed up for a Twitter account because everyone was doing it but you never post anything. Or maybe you only post one thing a month to keep it active. You are just too lazy or maybe you just don’t know how to use Twitter yet. You are adding nothing to the conversation, your last post was from two weeks ago and so you aren’t worth a follow.


You are negative and angry all the time. You swear excessively and always see the glass as half empty. You attack other users and 90% of your tweets involve the word “pissed.” I don’t need you bringing me down, man. If you cannot add to the conversation in a positive way with useful instead of detrimental information, I have no interest in reading your updates.


You make passive aggressive comments about other Twitter users, @ reply celebrities excessively to trash talk on their shows, songs etc, beg for more followers. We get it, you wish you were one of the big dogs on Twitter. You are really jealous of the people with all the followers and are terrible at hiding it. You feel persecuted when they get praise and you don’t. Get over it! Has it occurred to you that they are more successful because they spend their time creating useful content instead of attacking and envying other users. Be someone who others would envy and the followers will, well, follow.


All you do is talk about yourself, your products, your services. It’s
all Me Me Me with you. Ugh. If you all you talk about is yourself,
you’ve turned me off as a follower. How can you make your communication
useful for your followers instead of just The You Show. Interact with people, don’t just broadcast!

When it comes to Twitter, be a user that you yourself would want to follow!

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