So it’s been quiet over here hasn’t it? There are a few reasons for that, namely that Priced Nostalgia is trying to prep a couple of new books for release and, of course, selling selling selling. For some weird reason, this is always our busiest time of year with everything that didn’t get done before Christmas that was put on hold for the holiday rush and all the Mothers/Fathers day prep coming to a head all at once.

With all the talk of eBay changes, eBay alternatives, problems with the economy and all the other bad news, it is tempting to spend more time talking about selling than actually doing any. I know I have sometimes fallen into that trap myself. But the time you spend complaining about your business is time that you aren’t spending building your business!

So while shutting up and selling or just generally working on your business is what I am saying to myself right now, if you are finding yourself doing more whining than selling, maybe your problems are closer to home than you might think!

Keep on keeping on out there and I’ll have some fresh whines and how to’s for you soon!