What you may not realize while you chat with me on Twitter is that I am actually managing several accounts at once. My main one and then several others that correspond to other websites I write for. There are a lot of different services out there that let you manage multiple Twitter accounts at once but none of them are perfect.

I love Tweetdeck but it’s a system hog so I cannot run it all the time. I used to use TwitterFox until it started making Firefox crash. Third party Twitter services are OK but they require an additional login. I wanted to be able to tweet from any of these many accounts instantly without fuss and multiple logins. Thank you, Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the new Facebook pages feature that lets you automatically post anything you post to your Facebook page to Twitter.

I am pretty much never logged out of Facebook. My family and friends are spread out all over the place and it is the main way I keep in touch with all of them. I never have to log into Facebook because I am on and off the site many MANY times a day.

Now, anytime I want to post something to any of my multiple Twitter accounts, I simply pop over to Facebook, go to the corresponding page that feeds the Twitter account in question and post it there. Not only does this automatically send the tweet out on Twitter without my having to do anything else, it makes my Facebook pages more active and higher ranked.

Example: I just had to share this picture of Hugh Jackman carrying around a handful of My Little Pony toys while pumpkin picking with his kids to the readers of www.MyLittlePonyCollecting.com. Instead of having to open up a program or log into a third party Twitter service, I simply pop over to Facebook where I am already logged in and post the link and my comment to the corresponding My Little Pony Collecting Facebook page which also posts it to the @mlpcollecting Twitter account. The resulting tweet looks like this.

Then I decide to post something to my @HillaryDePiano Twitter account. I don’t have to log in or out of anywhere to do that, I simply pop over to my Hillary DePiano Facebook page, post the message and that posts on both Facebook and Twitter. The only tricky part is remembering not to go over 140 characters, but even if you do, Facebook just links to the rest.

It is a great way to post something quickly after you have logged out of the website or your main client but also, the more active your Facebook page, the higher it ranks so rather than having to remember to keep your Facebook page AND Twitter active, posting to one location feeds the info to both places.

How are you using the Facebook to Twitter tool?