Every now and then, it happens. I complain about eBay on Twitter and I get the inevitable tweet from someone random telling me that they are boycotting either buying, selling or both on eBay. Ditto to some random blog post. I’ll be reading and some person will end their comment with something like, I’m boycotting eBay!

I try to be nice but I am mentally going, um. . . congratulations?

Why do they think I (or anyone else) care? I guess that they are assuming that, if I am complaining about eBay, I must be boycotting it as well and they are looking to commiserate.

Are they looking for attention? A fight? I’m not talking about an exchange like this Person 1: “Well, why don’t you buy it on eBay”, Person 2: “Oh, I don’t like to shop on eBay.” That is the relevant exchange of information. I’m talking about people who just have to do the internet equivalent of running up to a stranger and doing the grade school, “I’m not touching you.”

Are they trying to make it seem like everyone is boycotting eBay? Like if they say it enough, I’ll be totally brainwashed and be like, OMG these sales I am making must be imaginary, let me quit eBay right now! Because a random person telling me they are boycotting eBay convinces me of nothing other than I feel a little bit bad for them that they felt the need to write to a stranger and tell them that. You cannot start a rumor with a few bitter berries. We can tell they are bitter berries, there is nothing wrong with our taste buds.

Let’s talk about my husband and McDonalds for a minute. There was a McDonalds right next to his apartment before we were married and he would eat there whenever he got home from a very late night at work as they were the only place open. He rather enjoyed eating there and they were cheap. He was a single guy, this is how they survive in the wild, as I understand it.  (He’s really skinny too, it’s massively annoying.)

One day he went to the drive-thru and they said, Sorry, sir, but we are out of buns. They offered him fries and other items but informed him that he could not have a sandwich. He drove off in a fit and proceeded to boycott them for months. Seriously, months. He would drive out of his way to go to other fast food chains. He would tell anyone that asked about the boycott. He was really, legitimately mad at McDonalds. For being out of buns. That ONE time.

And that is why, today, McDonalds is out of business.

Oh wait, you mean they aren’t out of business?

Seriously, people telling me they are boycotting eBay is just like my husband’s bun-less trip to McDonalds. I get it. It was the principle of the thing. He wanted a burger, they had no buns. You wanted eBay to be free and mail you chocolate every day, they didn’t (or whatever you are mad at eBay for). If it is something you want to do to as an exercise for your own reasons, more power to you.

I totally 100% support your decision to shop or sell elsewhere. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. But running around telling people about it just wrecks of pathetic attention seeking.

Yes, dear, I get it. McDonalds was out of buns that one time so they are the devil. No, you don’t sound insane at all harping about this all the time.

PS: I was proof-reading this email and my husband came in and was reading it over my shoulder. As he read the part about himself, he started to rant, “But seriously, why were they open if they had no buns?” LOL