I love the eBay Partner Network. It makes me money for linking to listings, be they my own or someone else’s and, in that respect, they are my friend. I enjoy linking to things. I enjoy money. They combine my interests nicely.

But I have to make fun of them. I just have to. They make it too easy.

They sent out an email today that was very boring aside from this sentence which made me “LOL” as the hip kids today say.

Click Filtering (on-going enhancements)

We have had a few reports that some of our affiliates have been experiencing issues with bots inflating their click numbers. We have been working on a few additional click filtering rules to continue to improve our capabilities in this area and ensure click counts in ePN are an accurate representation of valid clicks. We will continue to roll these out in the coming weeks.

Do they get dizzy over at eBay HQ from all the spin?

I love how they phrased that, like they want us to think a website owner emailed them and was like, “Golly gee, I do think you paid me too much, there! Do you think that maybe a mean old bot did some of these clicks and that is why you paid me too much? I just can’t accept this extra money, no sir, I can’t. You take this money right back, young man, and use it to catch those mean old bots.”

Not, you know, that they realized people were scamming the system with bots.

In a way, I admire their view of the world. They are like Kenneth from 30 Rock.