Project Wonderful, the auction powered website advertising company that lets your advertisers bid for ad space on your site, just added new geotagging features. While my PW wish list is pretty long and goetargetting wasn’t exactly the top thing on it, it has opened up a big opportunity to snag some very inexpensive advertising. If you are a PW publisher, you can read up on this new geotagging feature here.

See the section on the very top of this website with the three square ads? That box is powered by Project Wonderful. All you have to do to get your ad there is to simply outbid whoever currently has ownership of the spot. You can start advertising on this site for pennies a day and have it go for as long or as short as you wish.

Or, you know, grab ad space for nothing a day. Because since geotagging is brand spankin’ new, there are no bids on my site for any country other than the USA since the option to buy based on geotagging only appeared a few days ago. Meaning that if you opt to show your ads to Europe, Canada or anywhere else right now you can snag a spot on this and many other Project Wonderful sites completely for free.

So if you have never used Project Wonderful as an advertiser before, I highly recommend giving it a try now since you’ll never be able to do it at less cost (free). To take advantage of this situation, you can visit this link to bid on ad space on this very website or simply log in and find free advertising spots on the site of your choice. Right now, every single ad spot outside the US on this site is available so you definitely have your pick!

On a side note: I have advertised on Project Wonderful before myself so if anyone wants a tutorial, let me know and I’d be happy to write one up if there is a need/interest. It can take a little time to find a good site that would fit your ad if you don’t already have one in mind but once you do find some good sites, you can get a lot of advertising in for very little upfront. I ran a campaign on many sites for several months and I don’t think I paid more than $5 total for it so it is worth a shot, I say.