The funny part about this post is that I was really ticked but I didn’t take a screenshot so I have no idea which version of the Sell Your item form I was so angry about.

I haven’t used the SYI form in years. As it gotten any better?

From Jun 21, 2006:

I am a definite Turbo Lister fan-gal so I rarely use the Sell Your Item form unless I have to. These days, when I have to is limited to relisting items which, unfortunately, I had to relist a large number of items today, making a tiny change in each one.

I hate the new Sell Your Item form with a white hot passion. It’s very dumb-ed down with lots of bubbly pop-ups and other features that are only annoying to me as an experienced user. Most annoying, the WYSIWYG editor takes a few seconds longer to load than the rest of the page and, when it finally does load, it refreshes the page back to the top. Very annoying.

eBay, as you used to do, just give me the option to use a more clean cut advanced version of the form if I want and don’t force me to use the eBay 101 for babies.