I’m a guest blogger over at the eBay Selling Coach blog with an article entitled Selling Collectible Toys on eBay – Insider Secrets.

Suzanne wanted a post of under 300 words which was so hard for my incredibly verbose self but it does make for a faster read than what you usually get out of me. 🙂

She added a little introduction where she calls me “an expert in the collectible toys niche” which is something I would never, ever call myself simply because I believe there is really no such thing as an expert in anything but that sort of label seems to go along with the theme of her site so, while I cringed, I understand. But understand that I am under no illusions that I am an expert on anything except maybe being myself.

To tease you, I’m going to give you the titles of the three sections of my article but your need to go over to the site to read the rest of it. Here’s your tease:

  1. Value can be volatile.
  2. Little pieces get lost, easy to break parts break.
  3. Failure to do the research means making less money.

Now, get over there and read the rest of the article on her site. 🙂