This post is overdue. My apologies.

Firstly…, which provides online sellers with financing and capital is not only a really great company for small business owners, they are also a great resource for e-commerce news both on their blog and Twitter. I follow them on Twitter (@KabbageInc) and was pleasantly surprised to see The Whine Seller featured in a post called 10 eCommerce Blogs to Read Before Sundown.

What they wrote:

Kabbage is a startup and a small business, and we know that with any small business, its way too easy to get so caught up in the day to day running of the business and forget to keep up with that all important industry news. We keep up with eCommerce news just like you do, but if we tried to read every eCommerce news article, tip or trick that graced the internet on any given day (and sometimes it feels like we do!) the we wouldn’t have time to make Kabbage advances. So, we’ve compiled ten of the blogs that we read every day before the sun goes down.

The Whine Seller:

The Whine Seller, written by PowerSeller and author, Hillary DePiano, covers a large range of information related to buying and selling on eBay and Amazon. The Whine Seller blogs with a lighthearted attitude, but her blogs are full of crucial info not to be missed!

Adding to the compliment, there are some really big deal blogs on that list (including ColderICE, eBay Ink and Channel Adviser amongst others) so to be named in that company is very humbling. What makes it even more amazing, though, is of those 10 fantastic blog… they listed this blog FIRST! I am, frankly speechless. I know that the list isn’t in any order to denote ranking but the fact that they thought of us first is compliment enough.

I’m always amazed when anyone recommends this blog. I mean, I do work very hard on it but some of the time it feel like I’m just goofing around or ranting so the fact that I’m still coming off as useful info makes me feel like all the work is worth it.


I’ve got a guest article coming up over with Suzanne Wells at eBay Selling Coach which should be up any day now about tips for selling collectibles.


Grammy’s Janet Place was kind enough to do a feature on her giveaways section of her blog highlighting my Twitter contest. You can see that post here.


I totally missed this post which was from May and I only just saw it today when I was trying to find another link otherwise I would have posted about it sooner. Several weeks *before* I spoke about eBay accounting helper Outright on either the blog or Twitter, they featured me in a post called eBay Selling:

The Top Blogs in the Business

There are literally thousands of blogs dedicated to selling on eBay.
EBay’s own informational blog is a
great place to go for news and updates on policies and changes. AuctionBytesThe Brews News, and The Whine Seller are just three of
the great blogs that can help you interpret and vent about customer
relation issues and what eBay’s ongoing changes to policy may mean to
sellers. Another great blog for more general ecommerce news is ColderICE.

EBay offers seller’s forums
in the form of chat rooms, discussion boards, and neighborhoods on its
site, which are another great way to connect with other sellers.

I also retroactively feel guilty for this but what can you do.

Holy cow! They mentioned little ole me in the same breath as
AuctionBytes! I am most definitely not worthy. The comments on
AuctionBytes are usually the world’s scariest pitchfork wielding angry
mob but I have been reading that site before any other e-commerce site
Ina and her team there do a fantastic job over there and to mention me
along side of them is a huge, massive compliment.

This post was just a little recap fest, paying back some sites that were kind enough to link to me recently that I forgot to highlight at the time because I am busy? senile? (pick one). But at the risk of coming off as a total sap? dork? (I’m going to make you pick again) there are days when I’m working my butt off on this blog and sitting here going… why? But I have such a loyal base of readers who comment and retweet all the time and then things like this happen unsolicited and, well, it humbles me is all. I love writing for you all and I love knowing that you love it, it makes it all worthwhile. I really appreciate your support for this silly little blog that just started out as a way for me to talk about e-commerce in a really angry way. 🙂

You guys are great!