A very big thank you to everyone who entered, promoted or retweeted my
little contest
! I actually didn’t pass 3,000 followers (I went to bed with
2992 and woke up to… 2989. I offended 3 people by going to sleep?) Since I
started this contest with 2,902 followers, I still consider it a success. 🙂

And I intend to reward another lucky follower when I finally do pass 3,000
so stay tuned. 😉

I had 20 Twitter accounts that entered. My plan was to use Tweetaways but apparently
their contest limit (though unlisted) is too short to use for this as it would
eliminate early entries. So I decided to use Random.org’s
Random Number Generator
instead. I numbered all the entries (in order form
newest to oldest) and then asked the generator for a number with a minimum of
1 and maximum of 20.

So the number generator spat back (drum roll, please)…. 16! Which means that
our winner is

Congratulations! 🙂

I’m going to contact the winner to get her address for the prize but I want
to thank everyone who participated and highlight their usernames below. I
really appreciate your support in this silly little contest and hope to chat
with you on Twitter soon. Fabulous people who entered my contest:

1. itsmestacy

2. leafenegg

3. katmagick

4. BlingMyBra

5. kats411

6. katskloset

7. addoway

8. luckysluna

9. MusingMom6

10. beetique

11. LinziDay

12. mrshozey

13. shaydenFL

14. eBayAnorak

15. bellysbride

16. eBaySpecialist

17. wffguadags

18. tamebay

19. blogmum

20. VintageRRads