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  • Etsy boycott over obscene greetings cards (TameBay) This is such a strange story. The general gist is that there are a few sellers selling some very offensive cards and Etsy users are boycotting and asking Etsy to step in and shut the objectionable stores down. While I understand that the cards are offensive and in poor taste, unless they specifically promote violence or hate crimes, I really hope Etsy doesn’t step in for a variety of freedom of speech issues. If Etsy users really object, they should express that with their wallets by not purchasing but Etsy would take a turn for the Big Brother if they shut them down.
  • eBay DSRs: Are you rated on dispatch or delivery time? Another one from TameBay, some very distressing news on how the feedback options display on the mobile app versus the actual eBay site. eBay better get that fixed pronto!

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