Customer service

Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

One of the biggest effects the recession (or the perception of a recession, what do I know) I’ve noticed is that it seems like just about everyone is in a bad mood. It makes sense: people are stressing over jobs, finances, gas prices and a million other things and it makes sense that its bleeding over into other areas of life. Are people who are sending Rebecca Black death threats because they’d don’t care for the musical styling of her song Friday perhaps channeling anger about something else? I sure think so.

But while I’m as guilty as anyone of indulging in the occasional bitch session, I think it’s easy to get into a cycle where you focus again and again on the negative and start to unconsciously downplay or ignore the positives making it seem like everything is awful. This incredibly long introduction comes down to one thing: I thought it might be nice to focus on some positive transactions for a few posts.

Think back to those transactions where you really thought things were going to end badly and then suddenly the buyer or seller surprised you by going above and beyond or just by doing the right thing. If you’d be willing to take a second to share one of those stories with us below (or on your own blog via trackback if you prefer), I’d greatly appreciate it. I have a few such stories myself that I’ll be sharing in future posts I wanted to give you the floor first.

What was one of those transaction that, however briefly, renewed your faith in humanity?