Phone rings. Whine Seller is trying to input an address into the computer which is being a pain.

Phone rings again. WS snaps it up, annoyed at the interruption.

WS, shouting into receiver: “07065!”
Caller: “Uh… what?”
WS, with increasing irritation: “07065!!”
Caller: “What?”
WS, finally realizing that she is just shouting out the zip code that she was typing in and not giving any kind of normal phone greeting while somehow still only being annoyed by the fact that the caller is confused by this: *sigh* “I SAID, ‘This is [Name of business]. Hillary speaking. How many I help you?”
Caller, relieved to have the natural order restored but mysteriously not calling WS on BS claim that she’d actually said the right thing: “Ah, OK. That’s what I thought you said.”
Call goes on normally and professionally. WS ends call. Direct reports are giving her very funny look.
WS, still unaware that she’s done anything wrong: “What?”

It’s summer. I’m going to bust out some random old customer service related stories I’ve saved just for fun. Why? Because why not.