How can I use my cell phone to accept PayPal at an in person event like a street fair, flea market, convention or meet-up?

If you have a smartphone or app ready tablet, accepting PayPal in person is as simple as downloading the free cell phone app for your phone platform. Just search in your local app store for the free official PayPal app. 

If you don’t have a fancy smart phone, you can still accept PayPal mobile payments using SMS text messages. How? It’s pretty easy. 

  1. Link your cell phone number with your PayPal account. I can’t give you the direct link to do this because it’s part of the logged in PayPal site but go to My Account > Profile > Add or Edit Phone Numbers. Then set up your phone for mobile payments. 
  2. Then you can start sending and accepting payments using a few simple commands. 
  3. See the full list of simple and advanced commands here.

Now here’s a question for you advanced mobile users: How do you choose the method of payment such as to specify it as a gift versus goods or to decide who pays the fees (sender or reciever)? 


Send money
Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL). Specify the amount and the recipient’s phone number or email address.   


  • Send 10.99 to 2125551981
  • 10.99 21255519815
  • Send 5 to


Request money

Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL). Include the words getand from, and then specify the amount and the phone number of the person you’re requesting money from. You can even enter several phone numbers – just separate them with a comma.


  • Get 10 from 2125551981
  • Get 10 from 2125551981,2125551982,2125551923

Author: Hillary DePiano

Selling online since 1997, Hillary is the author of several books and eBooks about ecommerce and publishing including eBay Marketing Makeover, Beyond Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and Sell Their Stuff. She also writes fiction and is a bestselling playwright when you aren't looking. For a complete list of books, plays and projects, visit

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