Rant N' Rave with the Stray Cats

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Prior to yesterday, the Contact link on the top of the site took you back to HillaryDePiano.com and the contact form there. But there’s a big difference between the emails I get on the main site and the emails I get here so I thought it was high time that I created a contact form specifically for The Whine Seller. In other words, it’s now easier than ever to send me hate mail! 😉

Something I’ve been doing unofficially since I launched this site is now an official thing. If you want to play Whine Seller and rant about anything we usually talk about on this site: self-publishing, ebooks, social networking, eBay, Amazon, e-commerce, selling or buying in general, you name it, you can send me your rant with the option to have me post it here for you anonymously. It’s a chance to get something off your chest without anyone knowing it came from you but with the added advantage of knowing it will actually be read.

You can also do other things with this new form: request a review of your service or website, send me a press release, offer to write a guest blog post or ask a general question. People were sending me all of these things before but now there’s a more official channel for it.

Of course, final discretion of what goes up to the site is still up to me. I’m not posting everything I get and requests for media coverage and reviews will be considered as they come in. Intelligible, correctly spelled rants that make sense are more likely to be posted then.. the other kind people like to send me. I’d prefer a minimum of adult language and I’d prefer funny if at all possible but other than that, go nuts. I don’t have to agree with something to post it so, if you strongly disagree with something I’ve said, please feel free to let loose with your rebuttal. I sometimes get hate mail from people who complain that I only present my opinion on this site (which is like… whose opinion should I be presenting? I’m the only person I am.) so this is your chance to make sure “the other side” is represented.

You can find the new contact form here.