Whine Seller is at her parents’ house. The phone rings. She answers and, as she lifts the receiver, she’s suddenly hit with crippling confusion. She has absolutely no idea how to answer a telephone.

See, WS’s been working weekdays 9 to 5 at Location #1, Saturdays at Location #2, every other Sunday at location #3 and all other available second running her online company. Each one of those jobs require a completely different phone greeting and suddenly all the available options have collided in her head at once. The very concept of answering a telephone is suddenly foreign. All she can manage to get out of her mouth as she holds the phone for a long time in silence is…

“Uh… Hillary? Uh… hello?”

Thankfully, it was a wrong number. Unfortunately, WS’s then-fiance, now husband witnessed this and will never EVER let her live it down.