It’s another day and I am yet again chatting with the Random Woman of My Acquaintance out in the wild. RWoMA recently put me on the spot by asking me to define eBooks, a word that seemed so common to me I was at a loss of how to explain it. But, on this day, we’re talking about something else when a second Random Woman of My Acquaintance (who we will call RWoMA2) comes over.

RWoMA2: Sorry to inturrupt, but I have a quick question.

RWoMA1: What’s up?

RWoMA2: I don’t understand that sign.

The sign in question reads, “$50 including tax.”

RWoMA1: Well, it means that the price is $50 and that price is already including tax.

RWoMA2: No, no. You don’t understand. I don’t know what the word “including” means.

And then I had the absolute joy of trying to watch RWoMA1 try to define the word “including” to this other lady and it felt like karmic payback for making me struggle through the definition of eBooks the other day.