Let me show you some screenshots from My eBay selling right now.

First, I click on My eBay. My settings tell it to take me to the Sold page so I see this:

Zero items awaiting payment. Zero items awaiting shipment. Oh foo. I haven’t sold anything.

If you, like me, just quickly check this screen every morning to see if you need to ship anything, you’d probably close out of eBay right now thinking nothing sold. Except that zero next to Shipped seems real suspicious so I click on Awaiting Shipment anyway. And here’s what I get:

I blurred out the item for my buyer’s privacy but you can still see that this page suddenly tells a very different story. Despite what that other screen said, I DO have an item awaiting shipment. I also have 10 items awaiting feedback and over 400 items recently shipped, none of which I would have known about if I hadn’t decided to randomly click on that Awaiting Shipment (0) on the previous screen.

Let’s say you didn’t think to click on that Awaiting Shipment (0) from the last page. No one could fault you for not clicking on it, after all, zero means zero, right? Why would you need more info on that? Except that the summery page is malfunctioning hardcore and straight up lying to you. It says you have nothing to ship when, in reality, you do. When we’re on the eve of eBay changes where shipping time matters more than ever, a seller could easily go days, weeks before they realized the first My eBay page was full of crap and that they DID indeed have items to ship. All that will add up to longer shipping times, angry buyers and a big mess that you better believe eBay’s not going to clean up for us.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I could have a field day with this. But I’m not so I’m just going to leave this info for you to make of as you will.

So, OK, let’s say you figure out the issue (as I did a while ago because this bug is actually over a week or so old now), finally realize that you have items to ship and ship your items. There’s still one more problem. Let’s say I want to go look at that item that’s awaiting payment to send an invoice or just to, you know, see what it is. I click on Awaiting Payment (1) and I get this:

And we’re back to the mysterious land of all zeros and no sales. In fact, the only way I can access my items Awaiting Payment is to go through Selling Manager (which I never use and only happen to have because it’s free to store owners) like some kind of back door. If you don’t have Selling Manager, there may be no way to access your Awaiting Payment items until they fix this. (If anyone has a workaround for people without Selling Manager, please post it in the comments. I’m sure it would be appreciated!)

When I first saw this bug, it was such a major issue, I figured it would be fixed within days. But since we’re over a week now on this and there hasn’t even been a “we’re working on it” type announcement about it, I figured it was time to draw attention to this if for no other reason than sellers may not realize that My eBay is hiding their sold items from them. I would like to think eBay will be fixing this soon because this is beyond embarrassing on their part but we’ll see.