I’ll be on eBay Radio at 3 PM EST/Noon PST talking politics & how controversy effects your business

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a ebay radio (Photo credit: ebaycoach)

Sorry for the last minute notice on this, guys. My life is still in complete and utter chaos so I’m still behind on everything. BUT if you’ve missed me, you can get a little dose of me on eBay Radio today at 3 PM EST or Noon PST where I’ll be talking about some of the points we touched on in this post: Social Networking: On personality, professionalism, politics and being yourself

Some things I hope to cover in the segment:

  • Expressing your opinions on matters polarizing (such as politics) while still being yourself
  • What are the advantages (and disadvantages) of courting controversy?
  • Ways to stay true to what you believe, without losing business or customers

Directly after the show, I acually have to run and host a NaNoWriMo kick-off party but, if there’s anything I don’t get the chance to cover in my segment (or if anyone has follow up questions to anything I do cover) let me know and I’ll try to write up a post with the rest for later in the week.

As always, you can listen live here but I’ll also post the link to the show after it airs once it’s in the archives.

Author: Hillary DePiano

Selling online since 1997, Hillary is the author of several books and eBooks about ecommerce and publishing including Beyond Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and Sell Their Stuff. She also writes fiction and is a bestselling playwright when you aren't looking. For a complete list of books, plays and projects, visit HillaryDePiano.com.

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