E-Commerce & Social Networking Week in Review February 2, 2013

Straight from the source, here’s what happened in the world of e-commerce, social networking and selling online in the past week:

  • Ebay Makes Updates to Mobile App
    One thing you can say about eBay is that they are consistent. Consistent when it comes to change, that is. Just as soon as you get use to something, they decide to change it. Not that all of their changes are bad, but it does get kind of frustrating when one day the information you [...]
  • Game on! See the power of apps in the Ping-Pong Hangout
    Looking to add a little spice into your social media presence on the web?

    Last week at Creative Sandbox NYC, which celebrates how technology is shaping culture and storytelling, we announced the launch of the Ping-Pong Hangout brought to you by Google+. This Hangout app allows users to play a…

  • Under the AdWords Hood: Breaking Down Ad Rank
    AdWords Specialists Courtney Pannell, Philip Stern, and Sarah Claxton Deming hosted a Hangout on Air yesterday as the second installment in the “Under the AdWords Hood” series.

    During the Hangout, the AdWords experts discussed the basics of ad rank, like how bidding and quality score factor into…

  • 2013 Small Business Outlook Survey Results [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Auctiva recently participated in a survey where it asked sellers about their business outlook for 2013.

    We were pleased to hear that many of the sellers had a positive outlook for their business and the majority of them planned to grow their profits by streamlining operations and holding back on…

  • Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography
    When Thea Dodds, the award-winning photojournalist and founder of AuthenticEye.com called Kathryn Hamm, president of Gayweddings.com, to talk about an idea she had for a book on lesbian and gay wedding photography, little did the two women know that thousands of photos and seven months later they’d…
  • Sellers: Important USPS® updates in effect January 27—price changes, additional FREE international insurance, more
    USPS recently announced a number of changes that will go into effect January 27, 2013. Key domestic changes include: Price changes for the following domestic services: Express Mail®, Priority Mail®, and Parcel Select®. Add-on services like signature confirmation will see a price change as well….
  • Show Your Visitors Some Love for Valentine’s Day
    With another Christmas behind us, it’s now time to gear up for the next gift-giving occasion. Cupid will be slinging his Valentine’s Day arrows before you know it, which means now is a lovely time to help your visitors decide what to get their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. While staples like…
  • Coming soon: international Learn with Google for Publishers events
    Edited for accuracy on January 24th, 2013

    A little over a month ago we announced that AdSense in Your City events will be evolving into Learn with Google for Publishers. We also published our event schedule for North America. Today we’re excited to announce that the Learn with Google for…

  • Vine: A new way to share video
    Today, we’re introducing Vine: a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.

    You can read more…

  • KDP Select Bonus Increased to $2.2 Million
  • eLumes brings innovation to eBooks
    Another day, another innovation in the field of digital publishing. New York based tech startup Orson & Co. has announced a plan to totally overhaul the concept of the “enhanced eBook” — just don’t call it that to their face. According to a recent piece on…
  • Questions for the ePN Team? Submit Them Now for ePN TV!
    In a few weeks we’ll begin shooting the next season of ePN TV at eBay’s new Seattle office. As you know we have a spirited new team in place and they’d like to know what’s on your mind in regards to eBay Partner Network.

    For the next couple of weeks we’ll be gathering your questions from the web…

  • Using 1:1s to communicate with your employees
    Editor’s note: In this post, we’re featuring a management technique that we use at Google, which might be useful at your business.

    As a manager or the owner of a business, how often do you get to interact with your employees on an individual basis? With busy and conflicting schedules, it can be…

  • Welcome Changes Coming to PayPal Hold Process
    Good News from PayPal PayPal is very active in watching for and preventing fraud on its site. Once while out shopping my card stopped working (!) and when I stepped outside and called PayPal they explained that when they saw all this unusual activity on my debit card they were concerned I was a…
  • How To Deal With Fraudulent Emails
    Don’t you just cringe when you get an email offering you cheap prescription drugs? Or how about the ones from a prince on the run? If you would just send him your bank account information, he would have a place to hide his treasure and you could both be rich!

    Um, no thanks.

    Most of us have been…

  • #OnlyOnTwitter: Inauguration Day
    Tweets from yesterday’s Presidential Inauguration offer a glimpse into the pageantry that swept D.C. Whether they were dignitaries seated onstage or citizens lining the streets, plenty of people shared pictures that captured the spirit of the day.
    The view of the #inaug2013 crowd from the…
  • An update to embedded Tweets
    Tweets bring you closer to what’s happening around the world, from breaking news to global conversations. With embedded Tweets, you can see and interact with Tweets across the web. We often embed Tweets here on our blog to highlight great Tweets, photos and other content shared on Twitter; you can…
  • Your optimization checklist, Part 2
    Last week we covered some oldie-but-goodie optimization tips. Today, we’ll focus on some advanced tips to help you bring your AdSense strategy to the next level. We encourage you to review the full list and check off items as you complete them.

    Ensure your site has a positive user experience:…

  • How do you write?
    During an author interview, have you ever been asked about how you write? Do you type on a computer, use longhand, record your own voice…? This question is asked so frequently that it’s become cliché, but it does raise an interesting point: does varying your writing process add variety…
  • 5 Must-Do Steps to Manage Inventory
    Here at the beginning of a new year, it is a good time to review how your holiday season went. Did you know where all your items were? Did you have to cancel an order because you already sold the item somewhere else? If so — before you head off into that bright new year; [...]
  • The Road to Super Bowl XLVII
    Twelve teams are down to two as the @49ers and @Ravens punched their tickets to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

    For three weekends, NFC and AFC playoff teams faced off to battle for their conference championship titles, and as they did, fans flocked to Twitter to support their teams and get…

  • This Week on Twitter – Jan. 21
    On most Mondays, this series alerts you to key things happening on Twitter in the coming week. A live chat with the cast of your favorite TV show, a Q&A with a candidate or author, a pro sports team Tweepstakes — this is the way to keep current on the can’t-miss moments on Twitter for the week…

Selling online since 1997, Hillary is the author of Beyond Amazon, eBay, and Etsy and The Trading Assistant’s Assistant. She is also a niche blogger, fiction writer and bestselling playwright when you aren’t looking. You can connect with Hillary via social media using any of these links:

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