In today’s post, I wanted to let 3Dsellers, the largest eBay app developer, introduce their new eBay Store Designer app as it looks simple to use and useful tool for sellers. I’ll let Tzipi Shindler of 3Dsellers take it from here. -Hillary

3dsellers_square_logoStatistics show that eBay store owners that redesigned their eBay stores systematically see a lower bounce rate, increase in impressions and increase in sales. A great example of a store that went through this change is Jomashop, an eBay store that is featured in eBay’s success stories. Following their store redesign and optimization Jomashop experienced a 17% decrease in bounce rate and over 100% increase in impressions. These stats resulted in a 600% increase in sales.

Jomashop is just one example out of many of stores that took action, upgraded their store’s design and got to harvest the benefits of a new and improved eBay store design.

These stats bring up a very important question: why does a store redesign influence sales on this level? To understand that we have to take a look at the limitations of eBay’s basic store design.

Let’s take a look at a few of the weaknesses that eBay’s basic store design has.

  • You have limited options for branding and customizing your store’s look.
  • The gallery view displays listings in an archaic way: small thumbnails, no call-to-action buttons and not dynamic.
  • Menus aren’t user friendly and the navigation is old-fashioned.
  • Very simple and naive design, makes your store look unprofessional.
  • Limited options for advertising & promoting special deals, items discounts etc.

These limitations affect the way potential buyers view your store. It makes your store seem plain and archaic. Moreover, this directly influences your ability to turn visitors into buyers. The fact is that if your design does not include call-to-action buttons, a designed header and promotional banners – it will be hard for you to get a visitor interested in your items and make a sale. But an advanced store design helps you create a memorable eBay brand, make your store stand out and adds functionality to your store.

A great tool that you can use to upgrade from eBay’s basic store design is our Store Designer. Store Designer is a easy-to-use tool for designing and customizing an eBay store. It doesn’t require any special technical or design knowledge, but rather it provides eBay sellers with a 1-click option for setting up a new store design.

But is a new eBay store design enough for increasing sales?

The answer is no. Besides making sure that your eBay store pops out, it’s also highly important that you optimize your store’s content. This means using relevant keywords in your listings’ titles and descriptions. Cover both of these aspects and you are well on your way to becoming an eBay PowerSeller.

3Dsellers have been developing apps for eBay sellers for the past 3 years. They are the largest eBay app developer in eBay’s app center and currently offer 12 different applications for eBay sellers. Store Designer is the latest app developed by 3Dsellers and is currently available at