TAA_WS_blurbWhat is a Selling Assistant?
The term Selling Assistant describes any experienced seller who sells items for other people, usually for a fee or other commission. The fees and terms of this arrangement are determined by the Selling Assistants themselves and can vary. You’ll also see sellers in this role referred to as Trading Assistants, Listing Assistants consignment sellers or, if they have a brick and mortar location, Trading Posts or drop-off locations. Throughout this blog, I will use Selling Assistant to refer to anyone selling items for others whether they are working part time out of the home or running a full time retail storefront.

What does a Selling Assistant do?
While the terms of the service each Selling Assistant offers may vary, they usually do all of the following for their client’s items: clean, research, photograph, write listing text, answer questions during the listing, collect buyer payment, pack and ship the items, and subsequently pass any revenue onto the owner.
In short, Selling Assistants perform all of the tasks associated with selling an item on eBay for the owner of the item for a fee or commission.