Under construction

Under construction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently redesigned my main HillaryDePiano.com webiste. There were many very good reasons why I needed to that I outlined here, and surprisingly few of them cosmetic, so that the overhaul was well overdue. I’d love if you popped over to check it out.

Now here’s the bad news: nearly every single issue I had with that site I also have over here. The few readers I’ve mentioned this too to all had the same response which was that they liked how The Whine Seller looks now so why change it? And I like how it looks too… I just don’t like how it works on the back end and how inflexible it is in an increasingly mobile world so I’ve got to redo it as well. This change is much more on a software level than it is about look.

I’m taking the time to tell you about this instead of just revealing the new site with a flourish once it’s done because my erratic schedule and limited working hours mean that I’ll be doing this site redesign just like I did the other one… in stolen moments here and there.

Literally, it means that I’ll be activating the new theme while I have a chance to work on it and then putting everything back to the old theme once I’m done for the day. For you, the readers, it mostly means this: The site may look funky, broken or otherwise totally different from moment to moment and this is me telling you NOT TO PANIC. It’s not you, your computer or spyware… it’s just me having to do this big job in little bits and pieces as my schedule allows. Hopefully most of my work will happen in the dead of night when no one is visiting but, when you’ve got a toddler who gets up before 5 AM every day, “dead of night” can sometimes mean 8 PM from an exhaustion standpoint.

I appreciate your patience while I get this working and I promise you that the finished product will be well worth the trouble as it will be faster, more portable (mobile, yay!) and just all around easier to read.