You will NOT believe which one of my books is the bestseller.

A few days ago, I tweeted out this link from the archives: Giving the people what they want even when you no longer understand why they want it. I queue my social media posts ahead of time and I’d lined that link up a while ago but it was particularly odd that it posted when it did because I’d just made surprising discovery that morning.

See, that old post refers to a book, The Seller Ledger, that I published years ago and stopped selling for a while because I assumed that no one wanted it anymore. Then when I finally stopped being a stubborn butt and got past my own personal prejudice that was telling me no one should want the item, I looked at the reality of the fact that there was clearly still a demand for it and put it back up for sale. That was a while ago and, frankly, I didn’t give a lot of thought to the book in the meantime since everything is automated with it.

But I was doing some marketing work for the launch of Sell Their Stuff and I made a startling discover. Namely that The Seller Ledger isn’t just still selling, it’s selling steadily. In fact, check this out:amazon author page screenshot

That’s my Amazon Author page. Notice how The Seller Ledger is the very first book under my biography? That’s because Amazon automatically sorts those books by New and Popular and, with a release date of 2006, it sure isn’t new. Yeah, I did a little research and it’s the bestselling title with my name on it, besting a category bestseller and my plays.

I was floored. And… kind of annoyed. Because I still don’t really get who’s buying it anymore. But it really does drive home the point that sometimes your instincts are dead wrong when it come to what will and won’t sell.