deposit photo

A deposit isn’t a way to profit, but it’s still part of your most basic financial terms. Not all Selling Assistants use a deposit, but it’s something to consider. There are two main types of deposits.

SA to Client Deposit

Many clients feel more secure if you have given them a security deposit, which will end up being an advance on their profit once you’ve sold the items. In the case of very expensive or fragile items, this can make the client feel better about a complete stranger driving off with their items. For most items, however, a contract ensuring compensation for lost or damaged items can stand in the place of a SA to Client Deposit. Should you decide to give your client a deposit, however, make sure there is a solid paper trail of the process with the terms clearly outlined in the event of trouble later on. You’ll want to make sure you get that advance back if their items never sell, which is why I would only recommend this when dealing with items you are 100% certain will be successful.