eBay Marketing Makeover web versionJust wanted to pop in very quickly to let you know that my newest book, eBay Marketing Makeover is now available for pre-order for a mere 99 cents at all of the following retailers:

Hillary DePiano book buy button smashwordsHillary DePiano book buy button ibooksHillary DePiano book buy button nookHillary DePiano book buy button kobo

If you pre-order this title now, it will automatically appear in your eReader the moment it’s available so you don’t have to remember to go back and order it once it’s release on June 1st. No matter what you read eBooks on, one of those sites have you covered.

Now, if you’re feeling really impatient to read this eBook and are willing to help me with a little experiment, you actually don’t have to wait until the release date and can purchase the book directly from me right now here. I just threw that option up, it’s only the ePub at the moment and I’m not 100% I have all the kinks out so, please, let me know if it doesn’t work for you. And no matter what happens during checkout, I’ll make sure you get your copy so please contact me if something goes wrong.