I’ll be on eBay Radio tomorrow (May 10th) to officially announce my latest book, arriving wherever eBooks are sold on June 1st. If you can’t catch the show live, don’t worry. You can access past episodes 24/7 in the archives once the episode airs.  

New Book Coming Soon from The Whine SellerWhether you listen in or not, I wanted to give my loyal readers an advanced look at what to expect from tomorrow’s announcement. As you probably guessed from the Marketing Series I’ve been running, it’s about marketing and promotion but the final book actually took a very different shape than the posts you’ve been reading. Specifically, the book I originally outlined was called tentatively titled Marketing your stuff without scamming, spamming or being a pain in the ass and it was going to be a one size fits all guide for whatever you’ve got to market. As I started writing that series (and blogging it live as I did so) I realized I was going about it all wrong.

Since I’d already written so far ahead of my blog posting schedule, I decided to take the writing offline and rethink the book. Instead of making it a one-size-fits all monster brain dump of everything I knew about marketing, I needed to narrow it down to just one specific target audience. I chose eBay sellers and rewrote the whole book specifically as a guide to marketing items on the eBay platform and nothing else.

I also realized there were really two levels to the advice: one focused on the big picture about the principles of customer retention and increasing your item’s natural discoverability, the other about the minutiae of what marketing actually looks like day to day. I decided to split the book along those lines for a couple of reasons, but one of the biggest was that it enabled me to keep each book under $1, which meant that, even if you bought both, it’d be cheaper than buying the one large book. So expect another announcement in the very near future of a second eBay Marketing book to follow in the coming months. Depending on how well this book is received, this leaves me the option to rework the book to be specifically about marketing for another niche, such as authors and book promotion or another marketplace, in the future.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with the official cover reveal and information on how you can pre-order the eBook. This one will be eBook only. If I ever do a paperback version, it would combine the two eBay Marketing books into a single volume but that would depend on sales of the electronic version.

eBay Radio should be interesting tomorrow because I’m really sick and coughing like mad so everyone keep their fingers crossed I magically get better before Tuesday afternoon!