I almost never cross post content from my writing blog over here but the lines get a bit blurred when you talk about writing eBooks for passive income to supplement your selling and blogging to promote your items so I’m going to make an exception. I write A LOT, fiction and non-fiction, across plays, blogs, books and more in addition to my ecommerce business and that’s because I’ve developed a crazy accountability system which I’m sharing for the first time ever. It’s really just a simple spreadsheet but it really works, encouraging you to write more by writing regularly. If you’ve never had any luck with developing a regular writing or blogging habit, I highly recommend giving it a try.

For full instructions on where to download the spreadsheet and how to use it, visit this post. I’m offering for free even though I’ve seen others charging for spreadsheets nowhere near as involved so if you like what you see, please share the post so others can benefit too!