As so often happens these days, I know I owe readers a big long status update and I sat down planning to write it but the baby is crying and I have mere minutes before I have to race up there so I’ll have to make this quick.

  • Talks and Workshops. I have been offering talks and workshops locally and via Skype and other video services for a while now about writing and publishing and have finally expanded that to include programs about e-commerce and eBay. While I will eventually set up a page on this site with that information, in the meantime, you can see all the information here.
  • Name Changeover. We hit a snag with changing over the names on the books that delayed us so, if you were really keen on having a copy a book with “Hillary DePiano” listed as the author, now is really truly your last chance. Very soon all e-commerce or eBay related books currently under my name will be officially rebranded under The Whine Seller name with this website shortly to follow.
  • I’m taking a class the next two months and juggling a bunch of fiction deadlines while still dealing with the never-ending nightmare that is splitting up our company (which I know I still owe you a blog post on but see previous about the crying baby) AND everyone over here is sick so it will be a little while until I can share some of the big news I have on this end but I’ve got some good posts queued up for you in the meantime and, as always, I thank you for reading!