The following is a guest post from Karthik Reddy from -TWS

If you plan to include social media in your digital marketing campaigns, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are easily the top three choices for getting the largest reach.

With so many active users, Facebook still dominates the social media scene. YouTube is also a powerful tool not only for sharing video content but also for conducting online queries.

Meanwhile, Instagram is growing by leaps and bounds with a lot of features built to increase engagement, making it a great channel for showcasing products and services for any brand.

But there are dozens of other social networks out there. We understand that most small businesses don’t have the time or manpower to manage every social channel out there. The good news is that such a strategy is not necessary.

The infographic below put together by recommends the following three networks for 2019, in addition to the above-mentioned.


LinkedIn has always been the go-to social network for B2B marketing, but recently, the platform has been getting a little extra attention. This means that you need to do your best to get noticed on the network. Create a top-notch profile, communicate with other businesses and individuals from your niche, and make sure to frequently update your account with fresh content, which has recently become more relevant in Google search results.


Twitter has been around for quite some time and continues to be popular not just among big companies, but also among many celebrities, industry leaders, and ordinary individuals.

The platform is perfect for direct communication between brands and users, instant feedback, and transparent public discourse. Lately, it has been considered a more trusted news source than the TV, where you can get the latest updates on developing stories or hot issues.


Pinterest is yet another great channel for businesses, as this social network is consistently growing in terms of user base.

Thanks to the curated Pinterest boards, users can easily decide what to buy. Pinterest users spend 50% more on average compared to other networks. Women and millennials, in particular, find this network very useful.

Bottom Line

Managing a presence on social media is just one aspect of digital marketing, as there are other things you need to include in your marketing campaigns. For more interesting facts and figures on digital marketing, have a look at this useful infographic.