For a long time, The Whine Seller mailing list was just a sub-section of my fiction mailing list but we’ve been outgrowing that for a while now. As part of the great untangling of my online life, I have finally created separate mailing lists for the two spheres of my writing life.

The new Whine Seller mailing list will be about selling online, working form home and e-commerce. (If you still want to hear about my fiction and plays, you’ll have to join my other list.) But The Whine Seller list is getting an announcement before the end of the month that won’t go out publicly until the new year so, if you want in on the big news, make sure you’re signed up.

I’m also planning on turning the new list into a regular newsletter (always free and it would never be more than monthly, right now I’m thinking more like quarterly) and anyone on the mailing list will get a chance to shape exactly what kind of content the mailing list will feature so getting on that list early is your best chance of voting for what you want. So, sign up for the mailing list so we can stay in touch the way you want to.

This time of year is BANANAS for me so that’s all I’ve got at the moment but stay tuned for more as we move into the new year. As always, thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to what we can all do together in the future!