The number of online shoppers has continued to increase over the past decade making the digital marketplace a great channel to extend your business’s reach. Having an online presence is a core part of business marketing today, it’s an easy way to increase brand awareness and interact with the community.

The more people who recognize your brand and what you do, the more likely they’ll be to purchase from you. But with all of the opportunities that the digital marketplace provides, it also makes it easier for competitors to poach or persuade potential buyers to purchase from them instead of you.

In order to be your target market’s first choice, you have to offer up a listing that speaks to their wants and needs on different levels. The physical need your product or service fills may be the most obvious but you should also aim to capture their emotional needs as well. You may be thinking, “how can something like paper towels fill an emotional need?”

First look at what paper towels do, they clean things up. Who is your target market? Perhaps parents in their late-20s to early 40s? Parents’ priority is keeping their kids healthy and happy. If these paper towels can help keep their kids safe from germs and helps them clean messes more efficiently — then these towels are filling the emotional need of being seen as a good parent and keeping their kids healthy. Now you have a surface-level and deeper, emotional tie to include in your listing.

Check out these online listing tips from Hanna Kielar ForSaleByOwner below to help you write more effective listings and help you beat out your competition: