Today’s book came at an absolutely perfect time because I was just working on getting reviews for my latest release and found a lot of useful tips for getting more reviews to give that book its best chance!

The Book Review Companion: An Author’s Guide to Getting and Using Book Reviews by
David Wogahn [BUY]

The Book Review Companion is a simple, straightforward guide to the importance of getting reviews for your book with tips and suggestions on how to do so. It’s short but that’s because it doesn’t waste your time getting to the point. The author’s tone is friendly and clear and the advice given is easy enough, though the implementation is harder and more work than it may seem on the page. Chasing down reviews is WORK but Wogahn gives you a great foundation of how and where to start focusing your efforts so that work is going to the right place.

If you’re just starting with self-publishing, this is a great book to read before you go into your final publications and marketing stages (any later and you’ll just want to kick yourself for not getting started with this stuff earlier!). From everything to seeking out book bloggers to leveraging your existing contacts for blurbs and other advanced reviews, there’s plenty of tips for indie authors of every level to pick-up within. For the price, you really can’t go wrong!

FYI, in the same author’s Book Reviewer Yellow Pages (which I also own), there is a section about the importance of getting reviews for your book and some tips for seeking those out and The Book Review Companion is essentially an expanded excerpt of that content. While there’s value to having this info collected in a volume all its own and it does go into much greater detail in this volume, if you own the other title, understand that a lot of this book is repeated from there.

I was given a free copy of this book for the purposes of review but I also bought a copy because I can appreciate the irony of having to seek out reviews… for a book about seeking out reviews.