Ever done some shopping on your cell phone? Who am I kidding, of course you have! Smartphones have completely changed the ecommerce landscape over the last few years and sellers who ignore that are doing so at their peril. Here’s a guest post from Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at  Webmastersjury.org on just how much mobile devices have changed the way people shop!

-T. W. Seller

The number of monetary transactions done on mobile devices is increasing. A research carried out by experts at jobsinmarketing.io showed that in the second quarter of 2018, 62% of ecommerce traffic was generated on mobile devices.

Shoppers are switching to mcommerce as it offers convenience, flexibility, and security. More and more businesses are also making their websites mobile-friendly so they can tap into the number of users who shop via their mobile phones. In this article, we will talk about the effects that mobile devices have on ecommerce today.

Change in Consumer Shopping Behavior

These days, it is no longer necessary for shoppers to use a desktop computer or laptop to look for different products on various shopping platforms. Almost all ecommerce websites are now mobile-friendly and easy to access using a mobile phone. Shoppers are no longer limited by location when shopping online, as it can now be easily done anywhere and anytime via mobile devices.

Change in Ecommerce Shopping Platforms

With more and more online sales coming from mobile devices, ecommerce companies are beginning to optimize their websites, so they are easily navigable on smartphones and tablets. Also, more accessible payment platforms are being introduced, aiding a shopper’s purchase journey.

Brand Favoritism

One of the reasons why Amazon is a favorite brand when it comes to online shopping is because of the seamless mobile shopping experience it provides to shoppers. Users often shop online because they have limited free time. Also, online shopping is a quicker and a lot more convenient way of shopping compared to traditional shopping. For that reason, brands with mobile-optimized websites capable of displaying products that consumers need are likely to make sales. Also, if mobile shoppers favor a brand, they will likely continue to buy its products.

Check out the infographic below to further understand the effects of mobile devices on ecommerce.