When you’re a blogger, you spend almost as much time worrying about content length as you do the content itself. What makes things even more complicated is that reader preferences and SEO standards change constantly. Are we still in the renaissance of the long read or are we supposed to be getting right down to it for the short attention spans of the Twitter generation? Should we be aiming for a specific word count, like a tight and tidy 500-word post or just going all out on a 2,000-word monster? Should we tap into the latest trending topics or focus on evergreen content that will stand the test of time?

While trying to figure this out myself, I stumbled upon this great infographic that breaks it all down. Turns out, sites can breakout with engaging traffic at any length, statistically, it’s longer, more involved, evergreen content that brings in traffic, subscribers and conversions.

You can read more about it in greater detail at the bottom of this great post from Capsicum Mediaworks who created the infographic.