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For Sale: an excellent business idea

I’m selling a business idea. Literally, it’s up for auction on eBay right now here and goes to the highest bidder in a week. The domain alone has been appraised for between $650-$800 dollars but the auction sits at .99 with no reserve so it can be yours for almost nothing because I just don’t have the time to manage it anymore. Go get it. That’s the super short version. Here’s the long version.  For authors, especially indie or self-published authors, book bloggers can make or break a book when it comes to reviews and buzz. When The Trading Assistant’s...

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All About eBay: Timeline, trivia, fun facts and more!

I will always hold a place in my heart for good old eBay mostly because of how I have watched it grow and change over the 21 years on the platform (my goodness, has it really been that long??? but I started in March of 1997 so basic math says it’s so!) Those of you that also have a long eBay history will enjoy this neat infographic I found that breaks down the history of the platform and some of the key milestones… as well as some of the sillier parts of it’s history such as the sale of...

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Save Net Neutrality

When the FCC first announced that they were thinking of doing away with Net Neutrality, I outlined a week of posts on the subject for you because this is a BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL for us online sellers. Net Neutrality is essential for us to run our businesses on the web as we do now. But a bad combo of personal stuff and other commitments means we’re nearly out of time and I never got to share any of those articles. But there are a few hours left before they make this decision so I’m going to very quickly...

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Shorten & simplify your item listing text for the TL; DR generation of buyers

This is post 23 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Simplify your terms and conditions You know that huge chunk of text in your default listing template? It’s time to trim that monster down to make it less intimidating. Here’s what to do: Read over all your terms and conditions that you list in the listing itself. Keep in mind that your buyers are less likely than ever to actually read your description text and see how much of it you can trim down. You can often consolidate multiple terms into a single sentence. You want it...

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With two decades of ecommerce experience behind her, author Hillary "The Whine Seller" DePiano would never claim to be an expert on selling online but she's sure put in enough hours to play one on TV. Read more...


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