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Good News from eBay: Feedback changes

Some great news out of eBay today. One of the changes they recently made that not only got the most sellers upset but also made the least sense to me personally has been repealed. As per this post by Lorrie Norrington: Effective late August, neutral feedback no longer counts in your feedback percentages. What’s the big deal about this, you may ask? Well, previously, neutral feedback was counting the same as a negative in your feedback percentage. Not having it count at all is a huge step in a good direction. The other big announcement that she shared was basically a revamp of the feedback retraction process. This is great for sellers especially since negative feedback does more damage than ever before and now sellers have a chance to make things right even after negative feedback. This is great for buyers because it means that sellers will be both more willing and more able to work issues out with you because of this process. Good news all around! It’s great to hear that eBay is listening to its...

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Leave a negative message in a positive feedback and eBay will suspend you

So a lot of sellers are very upset about this. To recap, eBay sellers can no longer leave negative feedback. So, some are leaving positive feedback and then writing a negative message. Well, this is against eBay’s policies and will get you suspended. Now, I get stiffed from time to time on eBay sales. I have dealt with some really bad situations to boot. It does annoy me that there is no way to mark non-paying buyers. But leaving a negative message in a positive feedback is just childish. I am glad eBay is banning people for this. It’s like the grade school equivalent of sending a pretty red and pink Valentine to the girl you hate because your Mom made you that says, “I hate you. You smell.” It’s not only immature, but unprofessional as well and I would rather sellers who run their business like that are not there to sully my good name by association reputation. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That is basically how the new feedback system works. While I disagree with a lot of what eBay is doing, I have come to realize that they were right on a few points, one of which is this: No matter how hard a time I give Amazon over a purchase, they will never publicly shame me, which...

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In a post eBay world, nothing will be worth something someday

In the old days (read that as Pre-eBay), you would very often hear, “Hold on to that, it might be worth money someday.” Does that still hold true? Sure items definitely can increase in value in the future under certain circumstances. Sports stuff usually ends up increasing, especially when you have something from a new player who later becomes a superstar. Celebrity autographs also usually increase as long as the star was either A-List or a cult favorite (mediocrity kills. . . your bid price in the long run). Heath Ledger autographs, for instance, are worth much more since his untimely passing but will they still be worth anything in 20 years? Things no one thought to keep, such as something from the opening of a small business that turns out later to be a Fortune 500 company or a can of some cult favorite beverage no longer made are always standbys for the simple reason that no one thinks to keep them and most are thrown out. There is always going to be those few things for which scarcity drives the price up. But for the majority of rare or collectible items, the new mode seems to be, if you want to get the best price for it, the sooner the better. Let me give you an example. It was the late 90s. Everyone was Beanie Baby obsessed....

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Educating the buyers on eBay’s 5 Star Feedback System is a seller’s only hope

The Internet Merchants Association (IMA) has released a new website called It addresses, head on, the problem that eBay is keeping their head in the sand about. Understanding eBay’s New Feedback System The following is a Public Service message brought to you by the Internet Merchants Association. An independent non-profit trade association as defined by Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)6. Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved. Did You Know? If a seller receives more than a few Detailed Seller Ratings of less than 5, Then they will be significantly penalized. When eBay calculates a seller’s 12 months feedback percentage,...

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