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New eBay Affiliate Program is up and running (so I give it a test run)

Looks like the move away from Commission Junction is finally complete and eBay is just about finished setting up their new affiliate program. (If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, essentially, it is a program that allows you to earn a referral credit for any traffic that you directly send to eBay). I am personally pretty excited about this change as CJ is less than ideal to use and, hopefully, this new program will offer us greater flexibility. The eBay affiliate program has been a good earner in the past and is ideal advertising for me on my blog so I have high hopes. I am a little mystified that the launch of this site was so hush hush, though. I subscribe to all eBay News and blogs and usually hear about most of the stuff before it happens and I only heard about the site accepting applications through another blogger. Perhaps it is still in beta. Right off the bat, I am interested that they are asking publishers to apply, telling eBay a little about their company. Sure, the CJ program made you “apply” but this was all but a joke as acceptance was instantaneous. That said, we got our acceptance very quickly so this may still just be a formality more than an actual application process. Here are a few differences from Commission Junction right...

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I’m a tester for the eBay Bucks Reward Program

I got an email a few days ago from eBay asking me to opt into beta testing for their new rewards program, eBay Bucks. I said yes because I honestly didn’t see any downside. I shop on eBay all the time anyway for packing materials and items to resell, why not earn some points on it? Right now this program is invitation only but it looks like they plan to roll it out to the entire site in early fall. In eBay’s words: What is eBay Bucks? eBay Bucks is a new program that was created to reward loyal eBay shoppers. Participating eBay users will automatically earn rewards in the form of eBay Bucks for their qualifying purchases. The program is currently being tested with a small group of selected users. Participation is currently limited to invitation only, but may expand in the future. While a few purchases, such as giving works and eBay Motors don’t qualify, pretty much anything you purchase and pay for with PayPal on eBay earns you some percentage of the purchase price back in this program. I am earning 3% back, though I am not sure if it is the same for everyone. The system is a little complicated but once your earning period is up they take the total eBay Bucks for that period and then give you a limited time in which...

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The Free Shipping eBay conspiracy theory

So when eBay first announced that they were mucking with the feedback system, there was general outrage. There was also specific outrage in the form of one hell of a conspiracy theory. At the time, I thought people were overreacting but I got to say, its starting to look closer and closer to the truth. It goes like this: eBay changes the feedback system so that whether a seller’s item gets shown in search results, how high it is shown and how much they pay in eBay fees is dependent on their star ratings, one of which is a rating of 1 to 5 stars on the shipping costs Sellers argue that this is unfair because we have no control over shipping costs as they are set by the Post Office, UPS, FedEx et all. This means that if John Doe thinks that $8 is too much to ship a package, regardless of the fact that the seller has no control over this cost, takes his anger at the post office’s cost out on the seller. I was at a workshop on eBay where a seller asked this question and, I kid you not, the official reply from eBay was that if you think buyers will be upset by your shipping costs, you should offer free shipping. Here is where the conspiracy theory comes in: When you sell an...

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No eBay Live next year? What is going on over there?

In a surprise move, eBay just announced that there will be no eBay Live next year. I haven’t read anyone else’s speculation on this but I have to admit is that my gut reaction is that this is a little odd. First they change the entire executive staff, make huge sweeping changes that anger a lot of sellers, basically take a “Silly sellers! You’ll get used to it.” take when people raise concerns, changed their method of dealing with sellers from “The Power of All of Us” to “We Have the Power, You Just Have to Deal with it” and then cancel their yearly face-to-face time? So is this just a marketing ploy to drive up attendance for this year’s eBay Live? Is the event too poorly attended that its not financially wise for them to do it every year? Why is Lorrie Norrington so much fun to say out loud? Personally, I wasn’t planning to go to eBay Live this year. I went last year and, while I don’t agree with their changes I have been making them work and so far have been earning the full 15% discount since it was implemented so I feel like I don’t have a right to complain. . .yet. I actually only had one buyer try to extort feedback from me so far (for something really ludicrous, may I add) and...

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eBay lowers some fees, raises others and bans sellers from leaving negative feedback

Every time eBay makes some changes to its program, my initial reaction is irritation because I usually like things how they are. There have been a few changes though where, right from the start, I thought it was a great idea (seasonal PowerSeller calculations are one of them). Even the ones I hate right away, I try to give eBay the benefit of the doubt and most of the time they turn out to be for the best. That said, a lot of the new changes seem like terrible ideas to me, but I am trying to give eBay a chance to show me it was the right thing to do. If you haven’t already seen, eBay announced that it was drastically changing a lot of its policies in February (see announcements). Here is my gut reaction on the changes: The Good: Lower insertions fees, free gallery and fee discounts, feedback from repeat buyers counts and greater protection for PowerSellers I love the idea of reducing the risk in listing an item as the previous high fees would often discourage me from just trying something unusual or listing an item that I wasn’t sure would sell so this definitely makes me eager to list a lot of merchandise. Making Gallery free is nice, but the fact that they really ought never to have been charging for it in the...

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