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eBay Rage and Realism

I know that I have been very negative lately in my eBay posts. I am angry about a lot of things that they are doing as are a lot of people. But I wanted to take a quick moment to look at the other side of the coin. After all, I have a tendency to only blog about something when I am all worked up about it so its logical that, in this blog, I dwell more on the bad than the good. And, not to get stoned, but, so far, my eBay business is going just fine, changes or no. Most of my anger and fear is not a reaction to what they are doing so much as it is me afraid of what I think they might do in the future, based on the direction they are going. I was ready an article about eBay today where a commenter was saying that “eBay has become a joke and no one uses it anymore.” This could not be more wrong. I have still been listing just as many items as I ever have and prices are actually up, particularly for this time of year which is usually pretty dead. There may be a few people who have left eBay, but they aren’t as many as they think they are. Honestly, other than the 4 star rating appearing to...

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On second thought, maybe all this eBay brouhaha is all an elaborate ploy in reverse psychology. . .

You know you keep reading that eBay was just a fad, that is on the way out, that no one uses it anymore, etc? What if this is all an elaborate ploy? Remember when I said that prices were still really good, especially at this time of year. Take a look at this. Hey, I love Princess Tiffany as much as the next gal but $610? She usually wouldn’t go for more than $150 on a good day. She isn’t the only one. Prices are up all over eBay for collectible items like this. But what gives? Well, I have a theory. John Doe hears that eBay is on the way out, is a fad, it done-zo or whatever is being spread around there by people who don’t know their head from their rump. Most of the bad press in particular is about auctions (which is where the biggest rise is occurring). John says to himself, "Oh good! Since bidding was just a fad, I should be able to score such and such a collectible for a great price. Let me go bid on that." This may be a totally far fetched theory, but what if people who aren’t on eBay before think they are coming like vultures to pick off the last of the dying prey but, in actuality, they are keeping it more alive than ever before?...

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eBay Live 2008 (or, fun times with an angry mob)

I did not go to eBay Live this year, obviously, as I was at the My Little Pony convention this weekend. That said, I have been reading the almost realtime updates from Auction Bytes so I think I have enough perspective to talk about it. Last year’s eBay Live left me as a seller feeling like eBay was doing everything right and that my business had nowhere to go but up up up. Having been a seller since 1997, I can honestly say that they have 99% of the time done nothing but improve the site up until this rash of idiocy. I read the recaps of what happened at this eBay Live, however, and I am left feeling no better than I did when I first heard about these stupid changes. The good news is that a lot of people brought up issues that I wanted brought up. The bad news, though, is that eBay had the same non-answers as before. I think Ina says it best with this: There’s a disconnect between what I’m hearing from eBay executives, and what I’m hearing from sellers and vendors, here at the eBay Live show. Booing during a keynote has happened before – . . . But I’ve never before seen sellers upset to the point they regularly erupted in loud disagreement to eBay presenters, as they did in the...

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