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It’s true! A good return policy is a marketing strategy that courts word of mouth

This is post 22 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Create a generous return policy Offering a return policy won’t just increase both your sales and visibility on the eBay marketplace, a generous return policy can even decrease the number of returns you get overall. Here’s what to do: Set up your return policy on your eBay listings. You can revise the return policy on all your listings at once using the bulk edit tools. Make it as generous as you can both in terms of time and what you offer. I also recommend setting yourself up...

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Good customer service means more word of mouth, sales and repeat buyers

This is post 21 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Set up a good customer-service philosophy The customer may not always be right, but you should still make sure you’ve got your head on correctly when you approach buyer disagreements and issues. Here’s what to do: Write down a customer service philosophy for your company. You may already have some policies in place, and now’s a good time to articulate them in black and white for later reference. This doesn’t need to be complicated. I’ve often found that keeping in mind the golden rule of treating others...

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A quality product is easier to market and sell

This is post 20 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” A good product sells itself There’s an expression in business that says a good product will sell itself. While that’s an oversimplification, it’s true that quality makes a marketer’s job that much easier. When what you’re selling is good, it will naturally lend itself to more repeat business and good word of mouth. But your product isn’t just the physical items in your store, it’s actually the whole sales process from start to finish. In this section, we’re going to focus on making the buyer’s experience as...

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Nothing says unprofessional like spelling & grammar mistakes in your eBay store

This is post 19 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Proofread everything Here’s what to do: Go through every bit of that text you went over in the last step and proofread it. While your company voice may deliberately play with grammar, you want to check for any unintentional errors as well as spelling and punctuation. We’re doing this on a separate item from the rewriting because it’s much easier to find errors when you’ve let the writing sit for a while instead of when it’s fresh off your fingertips. All writing errors are not created equally....

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Use the power of writing voice to speak directly to your ideal customer

This is post 18 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Reevaluate and rewrite with your ideal customer in mind From listings to form emails, there’s a lot of written word involved with selling on eBay. Let’s take the time to make it all consistently speak to your ideal customers to encourage more sales. Here’s what to do: A few steps ago, we wrote up a list of everything we knew about our existing customers to get a picture of what our ideal customer is like. Now it’s time to make sure we’re talking to those ideal customers...

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