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eBay Spring Seller update: Mobile optimization, Store Subscription cost increases and more

It’s time once about for eBay’s Spring Seller update. Let’s just dive right in a take a closer look, shall we? View Item description summaries for better mobile viewing The new View Item description for mobile features a clean and consistent item description summary. eBay derives a brief, 250-character, text-only description summary from your full item description. This provides relevant listing information that allows shoppers to make fast, informed buying decisions. Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone. I’ve been recommending for a while that you make sure you’re optimising your description for mobile. The big change here seems to...

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Expand the reach of your Selling Assistant service by letting clients ship their items to you

This is post 45 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” Even if you already offer pick-ups and/or drop-off hours, you may want to expand the reach of your service even farther. Allowing clients to ship their items to you opens your business up in a big way. Now anyone with access to postal mail can be your client, meaning you could offer your SA services on the national or even global level. Of course, local clients may also take advantage of your shipping service, as it may be easier for them to pop their items in the...

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Finished a book? Let me walk you through the next steps with my latest release

I’ve got a brand new non-fiction book out but this time it’s not about e-commerce… at least not directly. It’s my first ever book about writing and publishing, diving into exactly what happens after you finish the first draft of a book from editing and rewriting all the way to putting it up for sale and beyond. It’s available now in paperback and electronic formats at a variety of retailers and Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited users can read the book for free as part of that program right now here. Because of my connection to NaNoWriMo and volunteer activities...

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Should you allow Selling Assistant clients to drop their items off?

This is post 44 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” Drop-Off Hours If you’re not willing to go to the client to get their items, then they’ll need to be able to get them to you. Drop-off hours are another great feature to add to your service. These can be a regular block of hours that you’re always available for clients to drop by or just appointments that you schedule as needed client by client. Offering drop-offs can be easier for you because you don’t need to drive anywhere to pick up or transport the items. It...

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A Tale of Two FAILS: PayPal & Teapplix compete for worse customer service ever (Teapplix “wins”)

I don’t like to have to put companies on blast. I hate that we live in a world where the only way to get good customer service is to publically shame companies and call them out. They should not be awful to me because I’m a human being and a customer, not because I’ve got lots of Twitter followers and a readership. But sometimes a company, in this case two companies, work so very hard to give you the absolute worse customer service experience you can imagine that the only possible conclusion is that they wanted their bad behavior...

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