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Offering pick-up services is an easy way to attract local Selling Assistant clients

This is post 43 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” The most common way to secure items from clients is to go and pick them up. This can happen at the client’s home or at a previously arranged public meeting point. This is only practical if the person is within a reasonable driving distance, but most of your clients will be local anyway. Offering pick-up with your service is a major selling point, as it involves the least amount of work on the client’s part. All they need to do is get the box of stuff ready...

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Consider VOIP & internet-based phones like Google Voice or Skype over traditional options

This is post 42 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” Beyond the Cell or Landline A designated cell or landline can be pricey. I’ll let you into a little secret that has served me very well over the years. VOIP and internet-based phone numbers aren’t just cheaper, they often give you more features and flexibility than a landline ever could. My business number is actually a telephone number I have through Skype. It only costs me a single yearly fee that is less than a single month of a normal phone line. When a client calls that...

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SumAll to close all free accounts at the end of February

If you’ve been using SumAll to import your eBay data or utilizing any of their other free services, login and download your data now before it’s all gone! SumAll is moving to a paid-only service focused on social networking starting March first and everyone who doesn’t upgrade before that point’s data will be disappearing at that time. In their words… Dear Friends, For years we’ve delivered data to hundreds of thousands of users for free. We’ve sent you email digests, thank you tweets to your followers, and provided analytics through our app. However, the cost of maintaining this service...

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Making the best of bad feedback

No one likes getting bad feedback, especially the annoying kind. From buyers with unrealistic expectations or complaints that are just plain wrong from the ones who clearly don’t understand how the feedback process works in the first place, it’s incredibly frustrating no matter what platform you sell on. But it’s a mistake to dismiss negative feedback because you can learn a lot from it and use it to better your business. I delved into this topic at greater length in an article I wrote for eComEngine last week: There’s no business cliche more overused (and misunderstood) than “the customer...

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Designate a business phone line for more professional client contact

This is post 41 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” Does your SA business need a phone number? You aren’t required to have one. You can also just use your existing home or cell phone number. That said, there are a lot of advantages to getting a designated phone line for your SA business. Many of the details of your business and domain registration will be public record, and nearly all require a phone number. Wouldn’t you prefer to have the designated business line be the one that’s public and not your personal cell or home phone?...

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