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Prepare a description of your eBay store in varying lengths to give your buyers the best first impression

This is post 16 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Write up an official biography for your company It’s time to properly introduce yourself to your ideal customer. Here’s what to do: Chances are you already have some kind of introduction to yourself or your company somewhere on your store already, maybe on your About Me or MyWorld page or in your store header. Even if you do, start fresh with a blank document and write a new one. You can always compare the two versions later and steal the best bits from each, but sometimes it’s...

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Guide buyers to your items by using your top eBay keywords on all your sites and social profiles

This is post 15 of 23 in the series “eBay Marketing Makeover” Optimize the keywords in your external presence Here’s what to do: Take a look at your social media presence, your external website, your blog or wherever else your company is beyond eBay. The same general rules apply to keywords here. Your social media bio, the title of your website, and the categories of your blog are all opportunities to use the terms your buyers are most likely to search for. Search engines love social media and blogs in particular and both will often appear even higher in...

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So, um, hey. How ya been? Uh, yeah, it *has* been a while and that’s… kind of a funny story. See, I didn’t mean to take a year + hiatus from this blog. In fact, I didn’t mean to take a hiatus at all. And since the last thing I posted was about me possibly closing my eBay store you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth, didn’t you? Well, here’s what actually happened. I decided not to close my eBay store and then didn’t queue up any more posts here because I was about to...

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Plot twist! I’m *not* closing my eBay store.

So, um, er… This is awkward but I, uh, completely messed up. Remember how I told you I was closing my eBay store because of the new price increase? Yeah… about that. I was pissed at eBay for raising the price of a Basic eBay store to $24.95 a month because I was paying $14.95 a month on the yearly rate and a $10 increase a month was too much for what they were offering. I’d been taking on less Selling Assistant clients and listing less items anyway so I decided it was time to dial everything back to...

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