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Plot twist! I’m *not* closing my eBay store.

So, um, er… This is awkward but I, uh, completely messed up. Remember how I told you I was closing my eBay store because of the new price increase? Yeah… about that. I was pissed at eBay for raising the price of a Basic eBay store to $24.95 a month because I was paying $14.95 a month on the yearly rate and a $10 increase a month was too much for what they were offering. I’d been taking on less Selling Assistant clients and listing less items anyway so I decided it was time to dial everything back to...

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Selling… out! Transitioning from PowerSeller to casual seller.

It’s the end of an era! As I mentioned in this post, I’m closing my eBay Store. This doesn’t really mean much as I’ll still be selling on eBay and other platforms. But it does represent a big shift that’s been going on behind the scenes. I used to have thousands of items listed in my store at a time, now I have less than 100 items up for sale. I used to juggle two or three Trading Assistant clients at a time, signing new ones every time I finished a contract, and now I’ve only got one with no interest...

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Some candid talk on running a blog, profiting from your work & rethinking how you earn

I started The Whine Seller on September 30th, 2008 for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, I really enjoy talking, er, writing about e-commerce and I wanted an outlet for that. I don’t claim to have a perfect brand in this dual life of fiction and non-fiction that I live, but eBay rants just didn’t fit in with news about my latest play or inspirational writing pep talks for my NaNoWriMo region so I folded that content out into it’s own blog. But while it started as a simple outlet for myself, The Whine Seller became a real social...

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eBay Spring Seller update: Mobile optimization, Store Subscription cost increases and more

It’s time once about for eBay’s Spring Seller update. Let’s just dive right in a take a closer look, shall we? View Item description summaries for better mobile viewing The new View Item description for mobile features a clean and consistent item description summary. eBay derives a brief, 250-character, text-only description summary from your full item description. This provides relevant listing information that allows shoppers to make fast, informed buying decisions. Hopefully this isn’t news to anyone. I’ve been recommending for a while that you make sure you’re optimising your description for mobile. The big change here seems to...

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Expand the reach of your Selling Assistant service by letting clients ship their items to you

This is post 45 of 45 in the series “Sell Their Stuff” Even if you already offer pick-ups and/or drop-off hours, you may want to expand the reach of your service even farther. Allowing clients to ship their items to you opens your business up in a big way. Now anyone with access to postal mail can be your client, meaning you could offer your SA services on the national or even global level. Of course, local clients may also take advantage of your shipping service, as it may be easier for them to pop their items in the...

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