eBay Shop is back in business. You should buy me a present. I am kidding. But there is some really nice stuff in there! The eBay Store was sort of pathetic for a while there but it looks like they did a really good job of sprucing it up.

Anyone else think it a little ironic that the eBay shop doesn’t offer free shipping, though? Can we ding their star rating for that? I kid, I kid.

Kidding aside, however, I have always found it a little odd that the eBay Stop is a separate site and commerce set-up from eBay proper. Why isn’t it an eBay Store? I just makes it seem like a vote of no-confidence that they won’t even use their own commercial system.

They have some nice girly style shirts (sequins, flowers, etc) which are nice on their own, but not quite right for an eBay shirt in my opinion. I liked it better when they were eBay in-jokes and feedback stars but maybe I am alone in that. The pink one on the left is an example. You need to really squint to ever see that is says eBay. What is the point in that?

To me, you wear an eBay shirt to get people to ask you about eBay so you can pimp your business, books etc. If it looks like every other shirt, how does that help you?

I went through their whole product listing today and honestly didn’t see much that I wanted to buy. That is a first for me. Usually I want a lot of it and just shy away because of the price. I think that is more a commentary on the offerings than my feelings on eBay in general, however.

I also have to say that they are selling two things I have never even heard of before in my life. They are this and this. They kind of scare me.

Some of the prices are also a bit crazy. A key chain for $8.95? There is also a very scary amount of useless stuff on there. (Exhibit A)

The Power Seller stuff is also really boring. It’s hard work to get to PowerSeller. We should have stuff that is so tricked out its crazy. I want like spinning PowerSeller rims for my car or like a tooth that is the PowerSeller logo. I am obviously joking but in all honesty they could have given the PowerSeller exclusive stuff a little more love.

So, nothing for me this time around. But if they bring back more of the fun stuff (I bid therefore I am, etc) then I could be tempted as their new designs are rather nice.