A Wall Street Journal article claims that sellers are leaving eBay.

What I think: If some sellers are leaving eBay, they sure haven’t been missed. Having done a lot of shopping on the site in the last few weeks, the deals are just as good as ever, as long as you can sift through all the hoops of Best Match. As a seller, I have been selling just as much as before if not more (maybe because there is less competition?).

I think that what this has done in the end is maybe just get rid of some of the sellers who were dead weight anyway. So far its been great for the marketplace itself. However, my fear is that all this rumor-mongering by the media (Sellers leave eBay in droves, panic in the streets!) is going to drive people away. My biggest problem with this is that there is still no evidence, other than anecdotal from a few annoyed sellers, that a worthwhile number of sellers are leaving. Even the most outspoken haven’t even left eBay, just stopped listing there for a while to wait and see.

I’m not saying that eBay hasn’t ticked me off recently with some of their changes, but i don’t want a popular rumor that doesn’t seem to be based on any facts other than a few outspoken blog commenters to kill something good. Flawed, but still good!

But, in the end, if sellers are leaving, it hasn’t changed the shopping experience for buyers so why should we care?