The discussion of Bonazle in the comments section here made me wonder how a few of my fellow online sellers feel about community on a sales site. I have made my feelings on the topic known in that I feel like community aspects are not useful to me, but I may be alone on that opinion.

I’m not talking about external community and networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed etc, where you are interacting with other sellers like yourself but rather whether an important element of the sales process for you is the social aspect.

To get you started:

  • How involved to you like to get with each individual customer and how well do you like to get to know them?
  • How involved are you with the community of sites you already sell on? (Amazon and eBay messages boards, blogs, profiles and About Me pages, etc)
  • How important are these social aspects to you and how your run your business?

If you have a few seconds and could jot down your thoughts in the comments, I would appreciate it.