Here is the email I just got from eBay:

A user whom you have recently transacted with has been indefinitely suspended from eBay within 90 days of registration. We have removed any feedback they left for you or others.

eBay removes feedback when a user is indefinitely suspended for certain policy violations within 90 days of registration. eBay takes the position that members indefinitely suspended soon after registration shouldn’t be able to permanently impact another member’s account.

To view your current feedback score, visit your Member Profile.

Thank you,

I read this and said to myself, goody, one less negative. Now, I haven’t had a negative in a good long time but, heck, one less is always a good thing.

But then I looked at my account and I was down one positive! This surprised me. I thought they specifically said this new feedback removal policy only related to negatives. I feel a little like I was punished by the loss of one feedback because this buyer’s act wasn’t together.

Removing a negative on a bad buyer makes sense. But removing a positive? If I satisfied him or her with good business, regardless of whether they were a good buyer, why should I be punished?

But you know what annoys me even more? They didn’t tell me who the buyer was. Sure, sure, privacy rules and whatnot, you may say. But the curiosity is killing me!