In the wake of all the lay-offs, Lulu founder Bob Young did a big interview with TechJournal South.

“The reality is,” [Bob Young] says, “Lulu has proven its economic model.” In troubled economic times, however, he says, “It’s back to business 101.” . . .

It sounds like, in the future, CDs and DVDs are taking a back burner to books, books, books.

Although Lulu “toyed” with a variety of media, from framed art to CD ROMs, the company’s focus going forward will be books, Young says.

“We think the big opportunity is actually in books. Books are a funny sort of duck. It took me a few years to understand this about books, but they’re a work of art that has been authored. I don’t care if the book is about a piece of software or a fantasy novel by J.K. Rowling. The author has to have the ability to tell a story.”

Books will be up to 97 percent of Lulu’s business in the future, he says.

Now, I’m a big fan of the printed book and a very avid reader but, are printed books going to still be a big part of our future or are eBooks the next wave? Is Lulu putting its eggs in the wrong basket?

I’m frankly not sure. What do you think?