(Don’t try to read that title out loud. It’s a bit of a tongue twister.)

In addition to their standard free service (which gives you a store and several other neat features) Bonanzle is now offering two premium membership tiers. You can purchase these memberships here (you’ll need to sign in first to see the list).

For $10 a month or $100 a year (which saves you $20), you get the Plus Membership which means:

  • Plus Membership star on your profile
  • Eligibility to be a Featured Booth which means increased exposure for your items
  • Google Analytics for your booth which gives you traffic info on where buyers are finding your store from

My take: For $5 less a month, you are getting a more powerful equivalent of eBay’s Traffic Statistics (Google Analytics) and, while eBay’s paid store items have less exposure in search results you are getting more exposure. Hmm. I like the idea of this. But with so few items on Bonanzle to begin with, unless you sell in the most crowded categories, do you really need increased exposure? I pose that question to those of you already selling on the site. But assuming the site grows to the point where there is a need to stand out, this sounds like an interesting idea.

For $24 a month or $200 a year (which saves you $88), you get a Premier Membership which means:

  • Three features listed above
  • Featured placement in item search
  • Your items are twice as likely to show on the home page
  • “An Even Cooler Icon” is what their features list exactly which I read with a cartoon wap wap wap of lameness after it

My take: For $14 more a month, I don’t think these features are worth it. Figuring in the year discount when you purchase in advance may make it worth it for your business, but it does seem like a lot of extra money for not much more in the way of advantage.

Overall: For a $100 investment, the Plus Membership seems like good value for a year of increased exposure and data reporting on the site. My only reservation is whether there is a need for increased exposure on a site with so few items but I leave that for those of you that sell on the site more regularly to decide (I have listed 5 of our usually snapped up deals on Bonanzle for a while now with no nibbles so I have yet to actually sell anything on the site myself). On paper, though, it sounds like a great idea.

What what do you think? Is the price too much? Too little? Are the benefits good value for the money or not enough?

I would love to know what you think below.