There are two very similar services that launched in the last few months, Plumdrop and EveryPlaceISell. Both are free and both let you advertise every website (eBay, Etsy, Bonanzle, etc) that you list on for free.

If you want to see what these sites look like, here is the Priced Nostalgia booth on Plumdrop. We’ve had to redo our page on EveryPlaceISell so many times, we still cannot link to it but here is an EveryPlaceISell page from another random seller

Plumdrop is from InkFrog so they obviously have a much higher budget and production values. Their user experience is very slick and set-up took only a few seconds (as they promised).

EveryPlaceISell is the brain child of Ina and David Steiner of Auction Bytes. I want to try to give them the benefit of some extra slack because they are only two people and have a much smaller budget than InkFrog and Plumdrop. I really enjoy the AuctionBytes site so I was really eager to try this new site out. The biggest problem is that the site is missing the niceties of a lot of other sites. Namely:

  • The site is not secure so password and other account details are not as safe as elsewhere. Just make sure to use a different password on this site than elsewhere until they get this fixed.
  • The site does not keep your info. For instance, if you mistype something, instead of just telling you what you need to correct, you will need to start your entire list of stores over again. It took us weeks to finally set this up because we kept having to redo it from scratch. This is really annoying. This is particularly bad because all the info on all of your stores is on one long form page. if you make even a single tiny mistake, they make you redo the entire form from scratch which, if you sell on a lot of sites, can take a very long time.

Which one is better? I am sorry to do this to the Steiner’s put Plumfrog currently blows their site away for me. However, EveryPlaceISell is trying some exciting things like Google Adwords advertising specifically for your store name and other cool features so there is a lot of potential there.

But here is my biggest question: Is there a point to sites like this? We already have links to everywhere we sell on our own websites, is there a need for an outside place to put them all in one page. Who do they envision visiting these sites other than other sellers?

I’m just not sure that I see a marketing benefit to sites like this. Feel free to argue in the comments.